World Tourism Network Launch and Expo Presentations

World Tourism Network Launch and Expo Presentations

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WTN Launch Month December 2020

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Panels | Presentation 13/14 DEC

Discover Saudi Arabia

prepared  HRH Dr Abdulaziz Bin Naser Al Saud, Raed Habbis Saudi Arabia is opening for tourism and opportunities are enormous. WTN Board member Raed Habbis from Baseera Conferences and Exhibition will share.

Sunday, December 13 : 9.30 pm HST |  11.30 pm PST

Monday, December 14 .2.30 am EST |  07.30 am London |  1.00 pm Delhi | 2.30 pm Bangkok | 4.30 pm Tokyo | 6.30 pm Sydney 

Panels | Presentation 14/15 DEC

My Beautiful Africa : Smart Tourism

by Clara Okoro, Nigeria

Digital transformation remains an essential agenda item for travel and hospitality leaders, despite the level of disruption currently faced by the industry. With demands for instant gratification, together with expectations from travelers and guests continually evolving, companies are finding that integrating digital experiences into all areas of their business enables them to transform into more agile and resilient organizations. And over time, so many touch-points have gone digital, from how customers choose and book experiences to how companies manage their daily operations, people, and resources. We will be discussing how smart tourism can create an agile tourism sector in Africa.

Monday, December 14 : 10.00 am HST |  12.00 pm PST  3.00 pm EST |  08.00 pm London | 

Tuesday, December 15:1.30 am Delhi | 3.00 am Bangkok | 5.00amTokyo | 7.00 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 15/16 DEC

Latin Trails: Reopen Ecuador and Galapagos 

by Marcel Perkins, Ecuador:
We are building protocols and experience at this tome to promote and reopen Ecuador and Galapagos as a destination. We have found resilience in authentic travel experiences, community engagement and good business practices.
We want to share the beauty of our destination, but also talk about what has worked for us in the hope others can use these best practices to rebound in travel.
Tuesday, December 15 : 10.00 am HST |  12.00 pm PST  3.00 pm EST |   08.00 pm London | 
Wednesday, December 16: 1.30 am Delhi | 3.00 am Bangkok | 5.00amTokyo | 7.00 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 15/16 DEC

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Re-defined

Presentation by Frank Vismeg  will entail the look and feel of the re-defined hospitality at Courtyard by Marriott in Burlington/Oakville, ON Canada. We represent an important sector of our economy and are looking forward to welcoming Skålleagues and guests from around the world when the time comes.

Tuesday, December 15 : 11.30 am HST | 1.30 pm PST  4.30 pm EST |   09.30 pm London | 

Wednesday, December 16: 3.00 am Delhi | 4.30 am Bangkok | 6.30am Tokyo | 8.30 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 15/16 DEC

The importance of Personal branding as an authority in the new normal World of Travel and Tourism

by Vera Sharon Ohioma   (Nigeria)

We live in an unpredictable world, more so with the pandemic, its now more than ever to build trust between collogues, business and our clientele. Building a personal brand in association with your business brand allows you to take control of the narrative and build a community around experience, expertise and value upfront. The Tourism and Travel industry operates intangible services and experience economy, in such an industry, building a personal brand is the catalyst needed to position you as a thought leader. I am passionate about speaking on this topic to help industry colleagues see the importance and leverage on the opportunities it presents both professionally and personally.

Tuesday, December 15 : 3.30 pm HST | 5.30 pm PST  8.30 pm EST |   

Wednesday, December 16: 1.30 am London | 7.00 am Delhi | 8.30 am Bangkok | 10.30am Tokyo | 12.30 pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 15/16 DEC

AI chatbots as a crisis solution in hospitality

by Elitza Stoilova, Umni, Bulgaria

Sharing a PPP presentation on the AI chatbots as solution and their usage in hotels, by travel agencies, restaurants, spa and other hospitality businesses to automate customer service, boost sales and ensure customers are provided with safe self-service solution.
Tuesday, December 15 : 9.45 pm HST |  11.45 pm PST| 
Wednesday, December 16:   2.45 am EST |  7.45 am London |1.15 pm Delhi | 2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pmTokyo | 7.4p pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 15/16 DEC

Tourism Recovery Task Force Asia

PANEL by Deepak Joshi, former CEO of Nepal Tourism Board:
Restarting tourism- regional collaboration: Panelist from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Tuesday December 15 : 11.00 pm HST |

Wednesday, December 16:  1.00am PST  |
 4.00 am EST |   9.00am  London | 2.30 pm Delhi | 2:45 pm KTM |  | 4.00 pm Bangkok | 6.00pm  Tokyo | 8.00 pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 16/17 DEC

Situation of Marine Ecotourism in Brazil


Jose Truda Palazzo, Jr
Bahia, Brazil

Wednesday,December 16 : 10.30 am HST |  12.30pm PST  | 3.30 pm EST | 5.30pm Brazil|   8.30pm London

Thursday, December 17:

 2.00 am Delhi | 2.15 am KTM | 3.30 am Bangkok | 5.30 am  Tokyo | 7.30 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 16/17 DEC

Climate Friendly Travel

Panel by Prof. Geoffrey Lipman , SunX, Belgium & Malta

Wednesday, December 16 : 7.00 pm HST |  9.00 pm PST| 

Thursday, December 17: 12.00 am EST |  5.00 am London |10.30 am Delhi | 12.00 pm Bangkok | 2.00 pm Tokyo | 4.00 pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 16/17 DEC

Vijay Poonoosamy: Aviation Challenges


Vijay Poonoosamy

Director International & Public Affairs of QI Group, Executive Board Member of World Tourism Network, Non-Executive Member of the Board of aircraft asset management Veling Group, member of the Advisory Board of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne, of The Red Sea Development Company and of the World Economic Forum’s Strategy Officers Community andGender Parity Steering Committee.

Vijay was the Managing Director of Air Mauritius, the Executive Chairman of Airports of Mauritius and the Vice President International Affairs of Etihad Airways. He chaired ICAO’s 4th Worldwide Air Transport Conference, the African Civil Aviation Commission’s Air Transport Committee and IATA’s Industry Affairs Committee and Legal Advisory Council.


Professor Geoffrey Lipman

President of The SUNx Malta Program, former IATA Executive Director and UNWTO Assistant Secretary General, the First WTTC President and a highly respected and sought-after global authority of travel and tourism.

Ms. Adefunke Adeyemi

IATA Regional Director, Advocacy & Strategic Relations, Africa, a lawyer and global aviation expert who was recently recognized as one of the 200 globally Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) in affiliation with the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent.

Dr Susanne Becken

Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University in Australia, the Principal Science Investment Advisor (Visitor) in the Department of Conservation, New Zealand, a member of the Air New Zealand Sustainability Advisory Panel, a Fellow of the International Academy of the Study of Tourism and the 2019 UNWTO Ulysses Award winner. 

Wednesday, December 16 : 9.00 pm HST | 11.00 pm PST| 

Thursday, December 17:  2.00 am EST |  7.00 am London |12.30 pm Delhi | 2.00 pm Bangkok | 4.00 pm Tokyo | 6.00 pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 17/18 DEC

International Recovery through local regeneration

by Benjamin Carey, 
Carey Tourism, UK

Thursday, December 17: 09.00 am HST |  11.00am PST | 2.00 pm EST | 7.00 pm London | 

Friday, December 18: |   12.30 am Delhi |  2.00 am Bangkok | 4.00 am Tokyo | 06.00 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 17/18 DEC

Boomer Women Travel

The underserved and misunderstood niche

Panel by Phyllis Stoller, ECPS Consulting Corp./The Women’s Travel Group, New York, USA

Thursday, December 17 : 02.30 pm HST |  4.30 pm PST | 7.30pm EST 

Friday, December 18: |  12.30 am London |   6.00 am Delhi |  7.30 am Bangkok | 9.30 am Tokyo | 11.30 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 17/18 DEC

Inclusive Sustainability, Education & Emotional Wellbeing Supporting Business Resilience Post Pandemic

Panel discussion with Sneshka Richter, Greenheart Consulting, UK

Thursday, December 17: 09.45 pm HST |  11.45pm PST |

Friday, December 18: |  1.45  am PST|  07.45 am London |   1.15 pm Delhi |  2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pm Tokyo | 06.45pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 18/19 DEC

Dark Sky Portugal

by Apolónia Rodrigues, Dark Sky Association, Portugal

Friday, December 18 : 8.00 am HST |  10.00 am  PST |  1.00 pm EST |  06.00 pm London |  11.30 pm Delhi |

Saturday, December 19: 1.00 am Bangkok | 3.00 am Tokyo | 5.00 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 18/19 DEC

The Healthiest Spot on Earth, Dead Sea Jordan

by Mona Naffa,
Hotel Trust, Jordan


 Friday, December 18 : 09.30 am HST |  11.30 am PST 2.30pm EST  |  07.30 pm London | 

Saturday, December 19:  1.00 am Delhi |  2.30 am Bangkok | 4.30 am Tokyo | 6.30 am Sydney

Panels | Presentation 21/22 DEC

Consciousness of Community Tourism:

The Pathway to Tourism Development in Africa.

Panel by Kali Africa Media

Monday, December 21 : 09.45 pm HST |  11.45 pm PST 

Tuesday, December 22:   2.45am EST  |  07.45 am London | 1.15 pm Delhi |  2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pm Tokyo | 6.45pm Sydney

Panels | Presentation 30/31 DEC

The Role of Tour Guides Worldwide

A panel discussion by WTN Hero Maricar Donato of Washington Tours & Events.

Maricar is  a member of  Destination DC.and a certified tour guide herself and a brand ambassador for thew World Federation of Tourist Guides Association WFTGA.

Wednesday, December 30 : 10.00 am HST |  12.00 pm PST | 3.00 pm EST |  08.00 pm London |

Thursday, December 31: 1.30 am Delhi | 3.00 am Bangkok | 5.00 am Tokyo | 07.00 am Sydney


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