Food Hygiene Bureau, Marva Hewitt, Kingston, Jamaica

Food Hygiene Bureau, Marva Hewitt, Kingston, Jamaica

Marva Hewitt is the CEO and found member of the Food Hygiene Bureau which was formed in 1999 in Kingston, Jamaica as the Caribbean regional training centre offering specialist food safety, hygiene training to the hospitality sector, food exporters and educational institutions.

The focus for our organisation is on ensuring consumer traveller and the public health through education and training on best practices. We have done this through eight (8) international food safety and food security conferences, public health symposiums, seminars, workshops and other short courses. Food Hygiene Bureau has partnered with world known accredited bodies to offer international certification ensuring employees are qualified to international standards for the global workforce. Our CEO is an Environmental Health Practitioner specialist in food hygiene safety, occupational health and safety and infectious disease such as COVID-19 knowledge and skills to assist the tourism and food sector to maintain best practices through understanding and implementation of the various Protocols.

Food Hygiene Bureau has generated an excellent track record through its past successes with leading projects in HACCP for SMEs and start up operations, educational forums, certification in training for the hospitality sector across the region, recognition by and affiliation with international, government and local bodies, excellent record in training and consulting regional and international.


• Recognition by various government ministries and agencies as being pivotal in development of the industry, for example Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, HEART/NCTVET, IICA
• Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), England: Registered Training Centre for the Caribbean
• Royal Society for Public Health (RSOPH), England: Fellow Member
• National Environmental Health Associates, USA: Associate
– Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA)
– Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA)
– Barbados Hotel, Tourist Association
Seal for Safer Tourism Endorsed. | | 1-876-6653920


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