WTN Member in a Crisis

World Tourism Network is taking care of members.
Members in a crisis can benefit from the goodwill and help of fellow members and the wider travel and tourism industry community.

Please stipulate Crisis Fundraiser in your payment on the WTN Donation Page

Current fundraisers

Escaping from the Taliban

World Tourism Network is raising funds for an established long-time member from Afghanistan. We erased his/her profile to protect him or her.

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    The member is a known to WTN. He or she is known in the global travel and tourism industry and is wanted by the Taliban regime.

We’re trying to get him or her out of the country and have the support of another fellow member in a neighboring country to welcome him or her. He or she has a valid passport and is in possession of a tourist visa to the other country.

We cannot disclose the country or more details until the person is safe. Money is needed for an airline ticket out of Kabul, a small fund to start over, and a security detail to assist him to get to the airport and make this happen.
This is a life-and-death situation – and timing is important.