Matsiko Confidence, Uganda

Matsiko Confidence, Uganda

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I am the founder of Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited. It was established in 2015 as a Tour & Travel Company specializing in Wildlife tours, cultural tours, and birding tours. The company serves shoestring, budget, midrange, and luxury tourists from the whole world.

I am a qualified Tour Operator in Uganda and Rwanda. I have training in tour and travel management, tourism business operations and safari guiding among others. I speak seven (7) languages. I have rich experience and knowledge after having worked for a number of Tour and Travel Companies since 2007.  I have love and passion for the African cultures and wildlife.

Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited has a unique tour and travel services around Uganda and Rwanda, destinations rich with wildlife, primates, rich traditional cultures, and amazing landscape scenery from widespread savannahs, rolling hills, and jaw-dropping blue skylines among others. Our choice of accommodation is exotic forts, boutique resorts, and luxury lodges and hotels. Expect a unique and marvelous experience when you are served by Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited.

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