Robert Hans, IOS Partners, Inc., Miami, FL, USA

Robert Hans, IOS Partners, Inc., Miami, FL, USA

We have worked in tourism and aviation development in emerging markets over the last twenty years including multiple assignments in Africa (Rwanda, Nigeria, Somalia, Morocco, Egypt, Mali, Cameroon, Lesotho, etc.) the Middle East (Qatar, UAE, Yemen, etc.), Asia/Pacific (Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, Samoa, FSM, Laos, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, etc.), Europe (Moldova, Bosnia, Republic of Georgia, etc.) and Latin America/Caribbean (Puerto Rico, St. VIncent, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, etc.) amongst others.

Comments, ideas, proposals, or explanations:

COVID has impacted the tourism and aviation sectors harder than almost any other economic sector. It is therefore important that effective and flexible plans (global, regional, country-level and sub-national) be both developed – and then executed with appropriate support. We look forward to working with appropriate institutions and entities on these initiatives.

by Robert Hans


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