The Concept Group, Dr. Osnat Broshi-Chen, Yavneel, Israel

The Concept Group, Dr. Osnat Broshi-Chen, Yavneel, Israel

Tourism & Hospitality – Creativity and INNovation consultant, researcher and speaker.

Special interset areas: business development, social innovation and entrepreneurial creativity as facets of the “New normal” development, resilience and recovery strategies of SME within regional perspective.

Encorporating years of in-field experinece as a business consultant and marketing strategist with in-depth academic research. Advocating for a cooperative, holistic and multi-perspective outlook in business survival, resilience and recovery of the current Covid19 global crisis. Preferably from a new and original perspective suitable to the many complex challenges of the current crisis.

Phd certified in Tourism crisis mgmt. and tourism & hospitality creativity and innovation.

Interested in strategic tourism crisis management; community innovation and business creativity as an advanced tool kit for crisis responce and recovery. Will be happy to contribute both in research, speaking and planning on the advantages, importance and implications of creative thinking and innovative solutions in times of uncertainty, crisis and change.

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