The Womens Travel Group, Phyllis Stoller, NY, USA

The Womens Travel Group, Phyllis Stoller, NY, USA

by Phyllis Stoller | +1-646-309-5607 |

Phyllis Stoller is a leading expert on travel for women and boomer women. She runs the award-winning company, The Women’s Travel Group.

Her blog shared tips for women who love to travel and she is a speaker at travel and executive women’s events. Trips often include a speaker and insights into the destination. Many destinations are chosen for their newness to tourism.

Phyllis has a BA from Tufts University and A master’s from New York University. She has lived and studied in England, Switzerland, and France. She has won awards from the travel industry and from her volunteer work. She is a Board member of SKA  NY chapter.

Phyllis lives and works in NY. She founded her first women’s travel company in 1992 and sold it in 2007. Her second company is a strategic partner of SITA Tours. It is 12 years old.

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