Destination Africa, Rune Engstrom, Oslo, Norway

Destination Africa, Rune Engstrom, Oslo, Norway

FOUNDING MEMBER: We all need to work hard to rebuild international tourism. The effects of Covid-10 has been devastating for millions of people in the travel industry. Both for the outbound segment, but also for the inbound countries, especially in Africa.

Tourism brings millions of jobs, and when done right is extremely important to save our planet. The income from tourism gives locals an incentive to protect nature and wildlife.

I live in Norway, and my company Destination Africa sends tourists to Africa, especially Southern Africa.

Since we started up 7 years ago we have worked 100% B2B. All the OTAs in the world can never compete with the knowledge and passion you find with all the dedicated travel advisors you find all over the world. Serious suppliers, operators, and agents around the world should work together to show people that travel is safe and that all necessary precautions are taken.

Together we are strong, and we will raise like Bird Phoenix once again. | + 4740043823

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