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 World Tourism Network

is the long-overdue voice of small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses with more than 20,000 members and observers in 133 countries


We are bringing together

SMEs –  Major Stakeholders – Public Sector 


By bringing together private and public sector members on regional and global platforms, WTN advocates for its members on a chapter (regional) and a global level.


Larger companies in travel and tourism joining WTN are understanding the important role SMEs play in the sector.


Public sector members, such as ministries of tourism and tourism boards support SMEs and the essential role they play in their country, region, or city.


By working with stakeholders and government leaders, WTN seeks to create innovative approaches for inclusive and sustainable tourism sector growth and assist small and medium travel and tourism businesses during both good and challenging times.

Our Partners are our strength

Our Partners include destinations, major stakeholders, SMEs in the hospitality, aviation, transportation, attraction, MICE, consulting, media sector.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are from various parts of the industry, such as other member organizations, universities, among others.

Our members are our team.

Members include known leaders, emerging voices, and stakeholders in the private and public sectors with a purpose-driven vision and a responsible business sense.

Our Chapters are our Inspiration

An increasing number of local chapters communicate with members on a local basis. 

Local chapters get access to other chapters and our global network, allowing them to escalate important issues and raise the importance for advocacy


Our chat and discussion groups provide access to a state-of-the-art network of experts, fellow members, media partners, and supporters.

Our “Rebuilding Travel”  initiative is a conversation, an exchange of ideas, and a showcase for the best practices by our members in 133  countries.

Our think tanks are the basis of how we network and communicate with stakeholders to make a difference and get our voices heard.  

WTN provides a valuable  voice for small and medium-sized businesses and offers training, consulting, research, outreach, and educational opportunities.

WTN highest goal is to help members to increase visibility, awareness, and sales

This include sales missions, trade show participation, PR and media outreach, advertising, events, direct sales leads and more.


Concerned about Climate Change?

Your membership in the International Climate & Tourism Partners (ICTP) is included free for all WTN members.

Our “Tourism Hero Award recognizes those who go the extra mile to serve the travel and tourism community but often get overlooked.

Our Ageless Travel award recognizes those that go the extra step to welcome travelers 60+

Our SME.Travel Award recognizes achievements by and for small and medium-sized travel businesses.

Visibility is our business.
With eTurboNews as a founding member, our minimum reach already exceeds 2 million travel industry professionals or potential travelers.

WTN membership includes free substantial access to the eTN network, and the network of other joining media and members.


Events include our own summit, workshops, Zoom meetings, and partnerships with other events, such as the World Travel Market London, or IMEX.

Promote your products, destination, entities

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