Kathak academy(KA)UNCSO, Abul Sheikh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kathak academy(KA)UNCSO, Abul Sheikh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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We do various voluntary works and participate in the above-mentioned program’s activity. As we have action programs for youth and human development goals, so we have to serve voluntarily especially by the youth, and for the youth in all programs when needed.

Because in our community young people have a lot of energy, power, determination to work for build-up, for that we are actively participating in the field of awareness, training, self-employment and entrepreneurship business, cultural, tourism, primary health care, child & mass education, sports teams keeping the natural environment, conservation of forest, etc. all over Bangladesh.

We also share experience and knowledge on exchanging views through youth exchange programs and also attending various seminars, workshops, symposiums, discussions, cultural activities, etc. at home and abroad.

We also try to understand the new culture of this modern era and also try to improve our living standards and economic condition through various youth activities. We also want to keep a peaceful environment and to leave the world together with peace and harmony.

World civilization is changing very fast, living standard education, culture is improving rapidly with the advancement of modern scientific achievement. So we are to live at per with this advancement. So we are engaged in such volunteer works to keep in touch with these fast achievements.
So, our (youth) activities are not only mainly for youth development but also for the community and social development. Our participation is very important for your young nation as well as country and world.

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