Lorraine Abelow, Abelow PR, CT, USA

Lorraine Abelow, Abelow PR, CT, USA

I have a boutique NYC travel PR. social media and marketing company in the US. We have been in business for over 30 years, and have represented hotels, tour companies and destinations virtually all over the world. They range from Ritz-Carlton Hotels to ecolodges in Costa Rica to hiking operations in the Swiss Alps to properties in India and Africa.

We take the Harvard Business School approach of identifying your “unique selling propositions,” meaning that which distinguishes your entity from everyone in your market. From there we develop the foundation of your communications program, to include such disciplines as public relations, social media, website design, blogging, email blasts, and marketing materials.

SEO-rich content is a major activity of ours, which we develop for our client in order for you to be found online. All the functions are interrelated and can be scaled to your budget.

In the current climate, we believe there is a way to systematically begin preparing to open your business while remaining mindful of government restrictions.

We are recommending strict protocols to our clients to minimize contagion, while at the same time, planning for re-opening safely and with comfort to your guests.

It is important to implement these protocols, and tell your audience about them so you can be ready. Social media is a strong vehicle to get these messages out. We have found social media, in particular Instagram, to be a cost-effective method of building community and brand awareness.

You want to be top-of-mind, so when people can travel again, you are front and center. Frequent posts, strategic hashtags, and interaction is vital for building traction and growing your followers.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to brainstorm ideas for your company.

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