Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp/Family Dive Adventure, SC, USA

Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp/Family Dive Adventure, SC, USA

Get ready to experience the unexpected. Be prepared for the transformation of your family. You will be amazed at how much your kids will pay attention and be present when they know what they are about to see and do, is real time and not going to be replayed on YouTube later. Family first safety & education with fun a close second

Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp, Family Vacations, familyAt Kids Sea Camp, you can help save sharks from extinction, restore ancient corals, explore sunken wrecks, jungle bike through a 200-year-old sugar plantation, take off on a magical cruise around Darwin’s Arch, kayak the Rock Islands of Palau and dive below the majestic Pitons of St. Lucia.

Founder Margo Peyton chose to partner with PADI and provide a legacy of professional leadership, safety and quality training to the next generation of divers.

She personally selected a team of PADI Pros and PADI five-star resorts from around the world to provide engaging, interactive opportunities to immerse your children in the underwater world.

Margo has crafted unique itineraries with unparalleled adventures, allowing families to bond, interact with local cultures, learn history, engage with wildlife and meet like-minded families from around the globe.

Travel with us once, and you will become a part of a worldwide network of families you will never want to leave.

MARGO PEYTON: PADI Elite MSDT instructor. 2019 Beneath The Sea Diver of the year, 2018 DEMA Hall of Fame, Reaching Out Award, 2009 Women Divers Hall of Fame, 2016 SCUBAPRO Deep Elite Ambassador, 2019,2018,2017 PADI Ambassa diver, PADI Award of Excellence in training & education, 2017 Family Travel Association’s Person of the Year Award, The Seiko 2017 Sea Hero Award with Scuba Diving Magazine. Over 7000 PADI youth diver certifications. Contributor- travel writer(Dive Training Magazine, DAN, Scuba Diving Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Diver Magazine, Undersea journal, and Departures Magazine.

My role is to make families feel safe about traveling again and to inspire them to continue to travel by giving them plenty of reasons why travel is an important part of their children’s education and creates global-minded individuals.

My goal is to find ways to connect like-minded families who love adventure and travel and provide them an avenue to enjoy the journey safely. My company is ocean-based. I teach educational programs around scuba diving and ocean-oriented programs. |

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