Richard Vobroucek, Earthlingbird Enterprises, NY, USA

Richard Vobroucek, Earthlingbird Enterprises, NY, USA

Four decades of progressive global travel and tourism industry experience including:
-international airline marketing and management,
-program/product development, implementation, and promotion,
-education and training.

Intimately familiar with service strategies and successful travel industry development.

Specialties: Entertaining Motivator and Enthusiastic Public Speaker

Bilingual – Portuguese / English. Excellent in written and oral communication in both languages. Fluent in Spanish.

Widely traveled with a deep appreciation for world cultures.

Have lived overseas for more than 15 years. Q

Image and new product development are essential to building recovery. Collaboration among service providers is a challenge in this highly fragmented industry. There are small “mom and pop” businesses and major international corporations that need to network to develop the evolving image of each destination. I see my role as a facilitator as this developmental process unfolds.. My past experience with the “I love New York” Division of Tourism matching funds program and the development of the Travel and Tourism Associates degree curriculum at the State University of New York (SUNY) Rockland campus have given me valuable expertise and awareness of the intricacies involved in uniting Visitor Industry constituencies. It would be a privilege for me to collaborate with this rebuilding travel project.