Zippa Marketing, EstherAkinsola, Lagos, Nigeria

Zippa Marketing, EstherAkinsola, Lagos, Nigeria | [email protected] | +2348101105576

Esther is a consultant and coach for travel and tourism marketing.

She is the founder of Zippa Marketing, a UK-based travel marketing agency that helps travel, tourism, and hospitality business founders build simple and practical systems that increase their ROI.

She has experience in coaching travel agencies and tour operators to create a marketing plan and track their business goals.

Esther is a sound student of digital and multimedia journalism and has interviewed industry figures such as Ross Borden, Mar Pages, Marisa Rodriguez, and others. She is studying International Marketing and has a weekly newsletter called “Roam Revolution,” where she shares marketing tidbits for travel agencies and tour operators.

She is currently leading GuestChat’s expansion into the African market, and her experience spans EMEA and Australia. According to Ahrefs, in 2023, she worked with the second-largest travel blog in the world.

Esther has a track record of success in inbound marketing and outbound sales. Her approach of carefully examining the customer’s journey and customer communication across different channels sets her apart. She continues to share her experience and promotes initiatives that help travel companies on various platforms.

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Angelita Ernser
Angelita Ernser
8 days ago

Your blog is a testament to your dedication to your craft. Your commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of your writing. Thank you for being such a positive influence in the online community.