Bianca Meeuwissen, My World of Experiences, Andorra

Bianca Meeuwissen, My World of Experiences, Andorra

As general manager, I represent the DMC My World of Experiences. We are Local Experts for Andorra, France, and Spain.

We LOVE creating experiences, thus making group travel fun and easy for our clients, group organizers, to, agencies. By offering them both popular and original experiences in beautiful settings.

Part of a group of enthusiastic travel managers who all represent their destinations with a like-minded spirit: local

Open to all proposals.
Ready to brainstorm.
Fan of teamwork.
At this moment thinking about possible roles to fulfill.
But most important = the networking = the community = working together = staying positive = work on ourselves = use this time out to become even better persons = better companies = share experiences = help eachother.

My Business: Reinvent ourselves.Want to focus on “healthy habit” travel, time outs for small groups to practice new healthy habits to take home. Build strong immune systems. So we can keep on “moving” (traveling) today and in the future. |

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