Membership Application

Membership Application
– Freelancer, Individual
– Corporations
– Associations
– Public Sector

Free prominent  searchable profile on | 
– Apply to be added to the Reopening Tourism  promotions, websites, etc ( ) once your destination and business is approved to participate.
– Access to media partners
– Networking with fellow members
Access to the Safertourism Seal program 
–  Access to the  Heroes program

–  Join, propose and participate in Interest Groups, WhatsApp | Linkedin and the discussion options.
– VIP Invitation to virtual and other events

Membership fee:

Individual membership 
No corporate profile included
Monthly $ 10.00
Yearly: $ 90.00

Freelance | Self Employed 
Corporate profile included
Monthly $ 30.00
Yearly: $ 270.00

Corporate Membership
Corporate profile included
Monthly $ 50.00*
Yearly: $ 500.00*
* per location

Public Entity, Associations, Tourism Boards & Destinations
Destination, Government or Association Profile included
Monthly: $250.00
Yearly: $ 2,500.00


  • Observer Status is available by invitation, but anyone can apply, including journalists.
  • Observers are not considered members and access  to features and benefits may be restricted.
  • An individual profile page is not included
  • Not Included for observers
    Access to the reopening tourism program
    Access to interest groups
    Access to Whats App groups
    Posting to Social media channels
    Private searchable profile page
  • A time limit is put on an observer status

    –  Stay informed and receive event invitations
    – Listed by name and company on the Observer Page

Changes, Additions, Questions, Upgrades to your Membership:

  • join additional interest groups
  • join WhatsAppGroup
  • Upgrade memberships
  • suggest interest groups
  • Hero Program
  • Outreach, Introductions, Discussions, Questions and Feedback