The Ageless Traveler Certification Program

The Ageless Traveler Certification Program

Are YOU ready to attract the 60+ traveler market?  Discover The Ageless Traveler Certification Program.

We are committed to your travel happiness!

Are you in the tourism industry and keen on capturing the business of 60+ travelers?

Look no further than The Ageless Traveler Certification Program (TATCP) in cooperation with the World Tourism Network (WTN).

Our 3-STEP program simplifies the process, making it seamless for you to cater to the needs of mature travelers.

The WTN/Ageless Traveler Certification Program sets new standards across all tourism sectors, addressing issues like age-friendly technology, staff training, accessibility design, and itinerary creation. Join us in bridging the gap and delivering exceptional tourism experiences to the 60+ traveler demographic.

Why Certification Matters

Certified entities stand out as the most trustworthy and reliable options for the mature traveler demographic. Here are some key benefits of certification:

  • Industry Recognition: Certified entities gain industry-wide acknowledgment, signaling to consumers and their families that they are the preferred choice. This recognition attracts clients, fostering a network for exponential growth. Sub-designations cater to diverse travel preferences, from age-friendly medical tourism venues to lifelong learning experiences.
  • Business Networking: Access and join a community of certified vendors, facilities, and transportation services, fostering opportunities for exponential growth.
  • Specialized Designations: Receive sub-designations such as age-friendly medical tourism venues and lifelong learning experiences, catering to various travel preferences.
  • Certification Badge: Display the TATCP Certification badge for the age-friendly, and let the broad network of World Tourism Network, together with its global media partners, tell the world about it.

  • Join a Community of Leaders: Upon certification, candidates become part of an influential cohort shaping the future of tourism. Certified entities gain access to consumer research through surveys, polls, and focus groups. A dedicated WTN Special Interest Group fosters collaboration, illuminating best practices and standards.

  • Prestigious TACTP Awards: In cooperation with the World Tourism Network Hero Program, The Ageless Traveler Awards will recognize excellence by tourism-related organizations in fostering longevity, connectivity, contribution, volunteerism, inclusivity, lifelong learning, and life-stage achievements for the mature traveler. This industry-wide award encourages tourism-related entities to highlight their dedication to the mature traveler.
    Categories include Longevity, Connectivity, Contribution and Volunteerism, Inclusivity, Lifelong Learning, Life Stage, and Anti-Ageism and Advocacy.

Additional options once you’re certified

  • Promotions, including Social Media Recognition
  • Access to Exclusive Research
  • Networking Events
  • On-site and Off-site Consulting
  • Online Training (service quality, staff, best practices)
Evaluate your business through the lens of the mature adult.
Receive a Level 1 rating by filling out an evaluation questionnaire.
Enjoy the benefits such as the use of the TATCP Seal and promotion by the certifying organization.

Receive the Travel Industry Report & Study on Ageless Travel.
Complete a six-segment online course.
Access to invitation, retreats & events, enhanced promotion, and you become eligible for awards.
Receive expert consultancy to improve your business practices further.

Benefit from a thorough Return On Investment analysis to optimize your operations.

Reach the pinnacle of TACP Certification with a 3-star rating and expert feedback.
FREE for World Tourism Network Members (PRIME and VIP MEMBERS)*Available once you complete the FIRST stepAvailable once you complete the SECOND step
others: $499Contact us for options and costsContact us for options and costs
* Basic members of WTN (not prime) can apply tor $399.00.
Observers are not considered WTN members.
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