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At the World Expo in Dubai, Tourism leaders will announce the Global Day of Tourism Resilience. One of the most resilient players in the travel and tourism industry is a gentleman by the name of Wolfgang Jo Huschert.

Mr. Huschert is a classic example of a tourism hero who kept his idea of celebrating travel and keeping it active during the pandemic by expressing this industry in photos and films. This can be rewarding!

22 years ago in 2000, Mr. Huschert and his wife started “The Golden City Gate,” an international Tourism Film, Print, Multimedia Competition that had been taking place since 2001 at the ITB trade show in Berlin.

Known in German as “Das Goldene Stadtor,” the Honorary President of the jury for the Golden City Gate is Ms. Regine Sixt, owner of Sixt Car Rentals.

The World Tourism Network and its Heroes awards are honored to partner with the Golden City Gate to showcase the best videos in the world tourism field.

World Tourism Network is inviting and is encouraging its members to be part of the competition. Any WTN member entering the film competition will be automatically considered to enter the International Hall of Tourism Heroes.

Mr. Huschert himself was just nominated as a Tourism Hero to honor him for his contribution to the travel and tourism industry. This will also be announced shortly.

This year the event will also have a virtual room at ITB Berlin, but will move to a new venue in Germany since the physical ITB trade show in Berlin was canceled for the second year due to COVID-19. The new event will be announced soon.

In 2021, the Diamond Award went to Discover Germany for its contribution: Dream Now – Visit Germany Later.

Countries, regions, cities, hotels, universities, colleges, hotels, and other tourism companies worldwide invest a lot of money and ideas every year in the production of promotional and informational films, websites, and advertising campaigns in order to present their specific touristic product in the best possible way.

Wolfgang Jo Huschert, founder of The Golden City Gate

Mr. Huschert said: “The Golden City Gate is proud to partner with the World Tourism Network to get awareness for our competition among their members in 128 countries. We welcome the World of Tourism, and we welcome WTN members to compete.”

Juergen Steinmetz, Chairman, World Tourism Network

Juergen Steinmetz, founder, and Chairman of WTN said: “I have known Mr. Huschert ever since he started the film competition at ITB Berlin. I had the honor to serve on his jury before and know about the quality of his unbiased work to reward the best of the best in travel films. The World Tourism Network is proud to invite our members to be part of this competition.”

Tourism Boards, Hotels, Attractions, and anyone in the global world of travel and tourism are encouraged to send their video to compete in this global competition.

  • The Competitionpresents films of various categories. The submissions reach international professional experts from different states, countries, cities, hotels and national and international tourism associations, as well as trade show visitors interested in tourism.
  • The Judgingis pursued by an international panel of jury in the areas of concept and creativity, information value, visual performance, cut, music, language, design, emotion, harmony. Even the interactivity of the websides is considered.
  • The Best Submissionsin each category are awarded with city gates in gold, silver and bronze. The world – wide coveted diamond award of the media competition The Golden City Gate will also be awarded for the best contributions of all categories every year.
  • The Juryconsists of 45 specialists of the following fields: tourism-, city-, hotel marketing, film, IT, public relations, music, advertising, design, also ministers, ambassadors and public institutions. The accurate choice of the judges guarantees a professional and diversifi ed spectrum of expertise in order to obtain a professional and objective rating.
  • Official PatronOfficial patron of the competition is the FEDERAL ASSOCIATION OF GERMAN FILM AND AV PRODUCERS e.V. in Wiesbaden.

The Golden City Gate provides an invaluable opportunity to promote all of this to a wide audience and the press in an inexpensive and effective way as part of the yearly competition.

Since the 2000 beginning, more than 2,100 films from over 100 countries have participated in the competition. An international top-class jury has been able to award several awards in various categories.

The annual award ceremony is covered worldwide in the press, television, and on the Internet. The best contribution in the competition is also awarded the Diamond Award, which is often referred to as the “Oscar of the tourism industry” in professional circles. It has been awarded across all categories since 2007.

The deadline for submitting your entry is February 23, 2022. For more details, please visit

World Tourism Network (WTM) launched by

World Tourism Network is the long-overdue voice of small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses around the world. By uniting our efforts, we bring to the forefront the needs and aspirations of small and medium-sized businesses and their stakeholders.

World Tourism Network is about business where members are associates. 

Membership information for the World Tourism Network may be found here.

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