Nancy’s notes from first Global Wedding and Tourism Discussion with WTN.

React, Reschedule, Rethink, Recover, and Bounce Back.



Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism comprise of so many of us in the hospitality industry around the world and we are all in this together.  My goal as facilitator to the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Interest Group for World Tourism Network is to network, to inspire, and to discuss moving forward in this niche market after Cov-Id.

Our first round table discussion had us hearing from the Barcelona Tourism Board, not just why you should consider this beautiful country to wed or honeymoon but the shift from 2020 to 2021.  Also why it is important to utilize local photographers, florists, and vendors for such an important event.

We had a wonderful discussion of the value of hiring a wedding planner for your Destination Wedding, with all the components involved for a successful stress- free wedding.

We heard from professionals in the UAE, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Antigua, to name a few and how they are adjusting and pivoting to this new reality.

I am proud to be part of World Tourism Network, and the work they are doing to rebuild travel.  I look forward to seeing travel professionals, from around the world, join the Interest Group and becoming involved in our next Global Virtual Discussion.

All the best,

Nancy Barkley

Honeymoons and Get–A-Ways, USA







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