Honeymoons and Get-A-Way, Nancy Barkley, North Wales, PA, USA

Honeymoons and Get-A-Way, Nancy Barkley, North Wales, PA, USA

Nancy Barkley is the owner and founder of Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways based in Philadelphia, PA USA.

She is a goal-oriented small business owner with a superior understanding of the hospitality and tourism markets. An accomplished client-focused global wedding and event coordinator with 25 years of experience in project planning and execution. Superb command of consulting with clients to determine objectives and needs for events. Excellent skills in contract negotiations, vendor relationships, and networking. Effective Public Speaker offering excellent delivery and positive attitude. Known for innovation, dynamism, and stage presence.

Nancy’s expertise and insights are sought after by many, and she has been featured in many high-profile publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Money Matters, Huff Post, CNN, Travel Market Report, Travel Weekly, and more.

Her achievements in the travel industry have also yielded a career as a global keynote speaker, and she has presented around the globe to both consumers and peers, and local to Philadelphia, her connections and influence have no borders.

www.honeymoonsandgetaways.com  | | 2157934808

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