– Come together for Ukraine!

Today the World Tourism Network officially announced its “Scream for Ukraine” initiative. It has a brand new domain:

This global campaign is in response to the brutal Russian invasion of the Republic of Ukraine.

With members in 128 countries, WTN decided not to be quiet, wait and see, but stand with Ukraine, and specifically with its new WTN Tourism Hero Ivan Liptuga, who is also head of the National Tourism Organization in Ukraine.

Don’t be quiet, travel for Ukraine!

Juergen Steinmetz, chairman of WTN, and publisher of eTurboNews explained:

It’s not the time for the travel and tourism world to be quiet.

It’s time for the global travel and tourism industry to speak out, speak out loud.

Tourism is the custodian of peace. It’s easy to say Peace through Tourism in wonderful times. It’s easy to give awards and recognition in such times. Today Peace through Tourism comes with responsibilities – big and urgent responsibilities. Perhaps the survival of mankind depends on it?

The world has responded with kindness and money for the Ukrainian people. What Ukraine needs most besides safety and family, is to not feel alone.

SKAL International Romania

SKAL Romania is a good example. Doing business with friends has been a slogan for SKAL International for years. Now SKAL Romania puts this into a reality that is saving lives: Assisting Ukrainian Refugees.

Tourism is a people to people business. World Tourism Network is hoping to connect people in Ukraine with friends around the world. Together is better than alone – and tourism means together.

Why not “adopt” an Ukrainian?

I realize tourism can only function in synergy with peace. That is why now it’s the time not only to talk about resilience but practice it.

Now it’s also the time for tourism to shine and not to discourage. Of course, we don’t encourage travel to Ukraine or Russia, but travel, in general, shows resilience. Join fellow travelers and scream together!

Travel is about understanding, peace, culture. Tourism is the industry behind it. It’s also about jobs, investments, and the economy.

Every global citizen has a responsibility here. Every global citizen able to travel should do so.

Travel is about fun, beaches, mountains, cities, food, wine, dancing, fashion, safaris – and so much more. Travel for Ukraine, travel to show resilience to bullies and aggressors. ”

It’s still a wonderful world out there!

There will be a time after:

Dr. Peter Tarlow, president of World Tourism Network encourages tourism experts to already form a Ukrainian Tourism Task Force to assist Ukraine Tourism members to rebuild the country after this conflict. WTN is ready to assist.

Tarlow encourages everyone able to provide services and input for this task force to put this initiative in place. Dr. Tarlow himself is a world-renowned expert in tourism security and put his name on the list today.

SCREAM: Everyone can get involved!

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