WTN is urging WTM to require mask wearing and check AC system at its London Excel Venue

WTN is urging WTM to require mask wearing and check AC system at its London Excel Venue

The world is looking forward to meeting again at the World Travel Market in London November 2-4, 2021

The strict safety and security policy released by WTM reads:

We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask when you are in indoor spaces with individuals that you would not normally mix with.

World Tourism Network says:

The World Travel Market as a leading global travel trade show is setting trends not only for its own event but for the world. Allowing participants to participate without a mask would not only be a safety concern for WTM, but it would send the wrong message during these still uncertain times.

The World Tourism Network is urging Reed to go a step further in making face masks mandatory for the event. This is standard procedure at most indoor events around the world. It would be irresponsible for WTM to allow its attendees to make it their own choice to wear masks.

WTN is making it even more clear when suggesting that all visitors should be vaccinated. This is a requirement for the upcoming IMEX America in Las Vegas, November 9-11.

Reed Expo, the organizer of the World Travel Market, WTM, assures visitors:

WTM: Ventilation at EXCEL Exhibition Center will be increased, improving fresh air circulation in line with the latest guidance.

WTN: The World Tourism Network is urging EXCEL Exhibition Center to conduct an immediate study, and share results on how effective the ventilation system is against all variAnts of COVID-19 including the latest and just detected AY.4.2 sub-variant.

This coronavirus offshoot of the Delta variant is now spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom and is rated to be 10-15 percent more infectious than its “parent” which now dominates Covid-19 infections globally.

Scientists are studying this AY.4.2 sub-variant, but do not think that it will be catastrophic for the UK. All the same, it is at its highest level since July.

Outside the UK, this subtype remains “exceptionally rare” with only 2 strains found in the US so far.

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