Health without Borders

Dr. Taleb Rifai  |  Juergen Steinmetz  | Dr. Peter Tarlow

Because there is no way to separate travel from the world’s current, or future pandemics, and tourism is about bringing people together, the WTN recognizes the need for the global travel and tourism industry to become an integrated part of the decision making and policy process in a response to the current COVID-19 and any future pandemics.

The world’s Statemen and Nobel laureates recognize that in an interconnected world

“No one is safe until everyone is safe”.

It is for this reason that the WTN’s international project

“Health without Borders/ Santé sans Frontières”

seeks universal vaccine coverage for all people around the world.

  • The WTN aligns with the idea the “travel and tourism” industry supports an international focus on countries and regions unable to get full access to the vaccine.
  • The WTN, representing international small and medium-sized businesses around the world, recognizes that these are the first businesses to suffer during a pandemic and travel closure.
  • The WTN pledges its efforts to foster mutual understanding and collaboration between countries to facilitate the safe international movement of tourists.
  • The WTN extends its hand to other organizations and initiatives in the travel and tourism industry, to NGOs and health professionals.

WTN’s “Health without Borders” initiative seeks a world with greater international cooperation and safe and healthy travel.

One step toward this goal is universal vaccination.

The WTN encourages all to join it as it seeks a more humane world in which the global travel and tourism industry can help deliver the first blossoms of greater health and equity.

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