Snežana Štetić, Balkan network of Tourism Experts, Serbia

Snežana Štetić, Balkan network of Tourism Experts, Serbia

Dr Snežana Štetić has been working in Tourism and in education for Tourism for more than 40  years all together. She was working as a Tourist guide and interpreter at the beginning. For several years she was consultant in travel management for domestic and international tour operators and travel agencies. At that time she finished her MSc in tourism and PhD in economics, tourism and hotel management. She joined the Department of Tourismology at Belgrade University. Professor Štetić was teaching not only in Serbia but also in some other European countries. Dr Štetić was working as a docent at the Department of Tourismology, University of Belgrade, full professor at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management of Novi Sad University and as professor at the College of Tourism in Belgrade. As visiting professor, she is (was) working in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and some other countries.

Along with teaching and the duties at the faculty, Dr Štetić carried out the following professional functions: Vice Dean at the Department of Tourismology in Belgrade University,  and Deputy Director of College of Tourism.

– She was organizer, administrator and instructor at Courses for tour guides.

– Lecturer at numerous seminars for foreign tour operator representatives

– Author of specialized business schools in Tourism and Hotel management

– Author of specialized seminars in development of specific forms of Tourism, education of local communities for development of tourism, tourist guides services

Published 30 books and many articles in the tourism field. 

There are strong possibilities to join together to help people working in tourism through permanent education about the Industry. |

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