Aleksandra Gardasevic-Slavuljica, MBA,  AGS Marketing Consulting, Podgorica, Montenegro

Aleksandra Gardasevic-Slavuljica, MBA, AGS Marketing Consulting, Podgorica, Montenegro

-President Balkan Region-
I am an accomplished Senior Marketing, Corporate Communication, and HR expert, providing consultancy worldwide to luxury resorts and hotels, businesses in the health & beauty industry, as well as various foreign investors.

I also have extensive experience in airline marketing, being the Director and the founder of the Marketing and Corporate Communication Department of the National Airline of Montenegro for almost 15 years. I have led Montenegro Airlines through all manners of marketing endeavors, promoting both the company and the country at the international stage.

I am also proud of my diplomatic status as the Honorary Consul of Seychelles, which was awarded as a result of my achievements while working in the Government of Seychelles.

With my exceptional experience in the tourism, hotel and airline industry taken into consideration, I would take great jot in putting my knowledge towards the cause of recovering global travel and tourism markets affected greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being an expert in Marketing and Corporate Communications, there are no unknowns for me in these fields and I could contribute a lot.

Today, marketing is more important than ever, and the wider the impact of the coronavirus, the more important marketing becomes. In my opinion, marketing should be the main tool for tourism rebuilding and the main instrument in preventing drastic pandemic consequences.

Tourism rebuilding must have its own strategy, adjusted regionally and nationally. However, it should give guidelines to all other brands on how to overcome the existing problem, while preparing to face new challenges. Together, we should be able to create a winning travel rebuilding strategy. Indeed, the challenges are numerous, because after COVID-19’s impact, nothing will be the same.

At this point, marketing, especially in the form of digital marketing and social media, has to have a leading role in the rebuilding travel process. It has become more important than ever for brands to interact with their audience. It would not be right to simply continue with “prior-to-corona” strategy as normal – posting creatives that were planned months ago to ensure they don’t go to waste. Tourism brands need to change their strategies and avoid the “business as usual” approach.

This is the time to send supportive and encouraging messages to all the tourism stakeholders, to the audience and to the public and get ready to welcome new guests. This is what marketing stands for in these challenging times.

I would be honored to become your Board or Task Force Member and take an active role in your process of rebuilding.

Aleksandra Gardasevic-Slavuljica, MBA |

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