Maria Corazon Evangelista, San Vincente, Palawan, Philippines

Maria Corazon Evangelista, San Vincente, Palawan, Philippines

+63-9178986566 | [email protected] |

MARIA CORAZON EVANGELISTA CEO, Managing Director, and Chef Propriétaire CLUB AGUTAYA – an eco-conscious beach resort located in San Vicente, Palawan Philippines

My advocacy is to promote tourism that will benefit the community and territory. I start it off by hiring and training the local folks for the resort and start teaching them to appreciate what’s around us. Maximizing the use of locally available materials for a sustainable opération.

For the menu, I have designed dishes that are harvested from the area and have encouraged the neighbors to take part by distributing seeds, plants, and livestock for them to take care of and sell back to us the harvests.

For activities, we encourage the guests to enjoy the nature that surrounds us without the use of gas and noise-emitting devices/sports Vehicles.

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