Dale Evans, Charley’s Taxi, HI, USA

Dale Evans, Charley’s Taxi, HI, USA

I represent Charley’s Taxi & Limousine as president and CEO. Charley’s Taxi has provided transportation services to Hawaii since 1938. As a 3rd generation, woman-owned business, we are proud to be Hawaii’s premier transportation provider. My parents, Charles and Helen Morita founded the company and I took over the reins when my mother retired in 2009.

Though we serve everyone on Oahu, the travel industry has long represented the majority of our customers. We demonstrate our dedication to our customers and to Hawaii’s visitor industry as a whole through our high standards. For example, Charley’s drivers are the most thoroughly vetted in the state, and likely the country. Drivers also receive regular training in safety and service. More information about what makes Charley’s unique can be found on our website.

Charley’s Taxi has long upheld the highest standards of safety and service and we support Frank Haas’ efforts to orient our visitor industry towards high-spending visitors. Real recovery depends on attracting high spending visitors to fund sorely needed infrastructure upgrades as well as consumer and environmental protections.

Where I think we can best support our partners is to continue doing what we do best: provide private, safe, clean transportation from A to B. We will strive to be a good example of what is possible in the transportation industry.

We implemented enhanced cleaning protocols in February and trained drivers to serve customers with as much social distancing as possible. Likewise, all facets of our industry need to develop new ways of operating to ensure travelers feel safe and cared for.

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