Tarsh Consulting, David Tarsh, London, UK

Tarsh Consulting, David Tarsh, London, UK

[email protected] | https://Tarsh.com | +44 20 30 26 11 00

David is the Founder and Managing Director of his own award-winning consulting practice, Tarsh Consulting.

He helps his clients raise their profiles in the media, improve their reputations, and convince others of their case. What differentiates him is his clear strategic thinking, proactive client service, straight talking, and commitment to delivering what he promises. He is at his best when given a difficult challenge.

His work has:

– Secured many millions of pounds worth of media coverage for his clients, vastly in excess of his fees

– Helped little-know conferences become high-profile, international gatherings of industry leaders

– Influenced the UK government to block proposed EU legislation that would have cost thousands of jobs and to change pension rules to allow Forces widows to remarry

– Established an IT start-up as the world’s most authoritative source of forward-looking travel information – Turned an unknown retired dentist into a celebrity author, fitness icon, and champion of successful aging

– Helped VFS to win exclusive contracts to handle UK visa applications in every region of the world outside the UK

– And much more beside…

During the pandemic, David founded OK2Roam, which used the latest technology to help people get back to traveling as they did before the pandemic.

OK2Roam fed PCR test results from labs in the US to the border entry system of Aruba, enabling the government to dispense with the process of checking test certificates and visitors to avoid waiting in line. Aruba won an award for the way it handled the pandemic, and its innovative partnership with OK2Roam was given as one of the reasons.

His work is so good that several clients have remained loyal for over a decade.

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