Pamela Mudley, Smart Pineapple, Cape Town, South Africa

Pamela Mudley, Smart Pineapple, Cape Town, South Africa

[email protected] | +27718040380

As the Chief Business Development Officer at Smart Pineapple, I bring a dynamic background in business strategy and a profound understanding of the tourism industry.

My primary goal is to lead strategic initiatives that accelerate the advancement of cutting-edge AI tools, fostering tourism growth while prioritizing sustainability for our planet.

Through visionary leadership and a wealth of experience in business development, I am driven to establish impactful partnerships and fuel innovation within the tourism sector. My focus remains steadfast on leveraging technology to champion sustainable tourism practices, fostering thriving communities along the way.

I’m excited to engage and collaborate with like-minded individuals from the global community to help connect, impact, and build a sustainable world through tourism. As the chief business development officer for my organization, Smart Pineapple, I’m confident that WTN would provide great opportunities to collaborate with diverse influential individuals to help tourism digitally transform and build sustainability for our planet.

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