TLC Harmony, Nicki Page, Penarth, UK

TLC Harmony, Nicki Page, Penarth, UK

5 Whitcliffe drive, Penarth CF645RY

[email protected] | | +447587108522

Join Climate Change Green & Clean Think Tank

Founder of TLC specializes in working with destination policymakers. Hotel developments and luxury brands looking for a verified sustainable position to effectively measure scope

1 2 3 harm impacts to nature including biodiversity impacts caused by hotel management and operations We think from a total life cycle approach to measure. Mitigate and then offset With technology free for hotels.

Mice operators we have had success working with global 5-star leading brands Originator of Reset tourism hospitality development sustainably we are looking at partners for the year

3. Raffles OWO Whitehall London 3 November 2023.

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