I Nyoman TheoMahendra, Professional Hospitality Nusantara, Bali, Indonesia

I Nyoman TheoMahendra, Professional Hospitality Nusantara, Bali, Indonesia

My Name is Nyoman Theo Mahendra, the Chairman of Perkumpulan Professional Hospitality Nusantara.(PHONUS) based in Bali, Indonesia.

[email protected] | +6281558588888

I used to work in the hospitality industry, especially in international chain hotel management. I am now a Food & Beverage / Restaurant & Bar Consultant, Lecture at Tourism University, Tourism Auditor, and Assessor Competencies. Networking is highly valuable in the world of hospitality, it’s a great experience to learn from professionals around the globe.

Perkumpulan Professional Hospitality Nusantara (PHONUS) is an association/community of professionals in the hospitality industry throughout Indonesia. The association/community creates a network for both ex-industry professionals and those currently still active.

This network of professionals put together their experiences, ideas, and expertise to deliver the best methods for developing reliable human resources, top-notch service quality, and the best hospitality management team across all service industries, mainly in tourism. The association/community than helps educate, train, support, and connect their members and nonmembers as they work towards a more sustainable tourism concept both locally and nationally.

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Frankie Bridge
7 months ago

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