Dr. Niraalee Shah, Mumbai, India

Dr. Niraalee Shah, Mumbai, India

[email protected] | +91 99671 96174 | https://www.niraaleeshah.com/

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Dr. Niraalee Shah founded Image Building and Etiquette Mapping to help entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and brands that attract their ideal clients.

A Corporate Trainer, Author, Tourism Trainer, Sustainability Trainer, Hospitality Trainer, Digital Marketing Consultant and Branding Consultant. Niraalee Shah helps corporates, organizations, travel agencies, tourism industry and hospitality industry and individual professionals to help embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance.

Niraalee has a burning desire to share the Magic of India – Celebrating Cultural Diversity through her book INDIAN ETIQUETTE A Glimpse Into India’s Culture [https://www.niraaleeshah.com/book].

A staggering diversity where ethnicity, culture, religion, and language come together in a dazzling kaleidoscope of humanity. In India, there is amazing cultural diversity throughout the country. Welcome to our helpful guide for India!

If you are looking to travel, live, relocate, or do business in the sovereign state of India, this book will give you a complete guide to understanding the country and its culture, practices, and etiquette in India. Dr. Niraalee Shah’s work is focused on the wide spectrum of training requirements.

Her skills apply to many aspects of the Indian business landscape: • Corporate Training • Tourism 17 SDG Training • Sustainability Training • Hospitality Training Dr. Niraalee Shah empowers people to lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

Through her training, corporate houses, the tourism industry, and the hospitality industry will not only gain a competitive edge but also contribute towards creating a better world and more responsible individuals. She is truly a trailblazer in the field of tourism training, and her dedication to promoting Sustainable Tourism in India sets her apart as a visionary and a catalyst for positive change.


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