Yousef Mowaishe, MOWAISHE TRAVEL LTD, London, UK

Yousef Mowaishe, MOWAISHE TRAVEL LTD, London, UK

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Mr. YOUSEF Mostafa MOWAISHE is the owner and general manager of the MOWAISHE Economic Group, a multinational company with branches in Britain, Panama, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, the Marshall Islands, and Seychelles.

The group is actively involved in various forms of tourism business and air and sea freight. MOWAISHE Group is a partner of educational institutions such as the London Academy of Tourism Sciences and Melkart Academy, providing training and qualifications in tourism.

The group holds prestigious investment certificates and financial value in Panama Britain and The United Arab Emirates, and the group is always seeking to join international organizations and events and obtain work licenses in all countries of the world.

Our branch in London is located on one of the most prestigious streets of the city and provides top-quality services.

We specialize in tourism for businessmen and project owners and organizing events. We offer luxury leisure trips to hotels and have competitive prices on airline tickets worldwide. In addition, we are authorized to issue visitor visas to the United Kingdom and provide university insurance and scholarships for the most important British universities.

Our educational office is located on Chilton Street, Covent Garden, and we are the academic partner of the London Academy of Tourism Sciences. The academy is recognized globally and can help you enter the labor market. You can also visit the academy’s website for virtual education from any part of the world and register for classes that match your aspirations.

We would be honored to have you visit our office or call us for further assistance. website:
mobile : +447418369410 phone : +44-2081543267 [email protected]
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