Ghana Medical Tourism Network: Philip Maxbornd, Accra, Ghana

Ghana Medical Tourism Network: Philip Maxbornd, Accra, Ghana

by Philip Maxbornd

We are medical tourism and media house company that stage international event annually to promote cultural exchange programs and also stage international boxing contest and international youth soccer tournament where we have scouts come from the United States, Moldova, Belgium, Norway, the UK, and UAE visiting Ghana to scout footballers into teams in Europe and Turkey.

We do organize international trade shows in UK and Ghana for made-in-UK companies to exhibit their product here in Ghana and do the same in the UK for Ghanaian own companies to also participate in our annual made-in-Ghana UK Festival trade show for companies to showcase their products from Ghana.

We organize group travel for traders and for newly wedded couples to visit the country of their choice where our company ensures our client understands the travel plan and activity during their vacation abroad. we help people patients with complex medical cases find the best experts and surgeons that are not available in Africa. and we help them get better treatment plans and solutions abroad.

We are looking are network with tourism companies around the world to partner plan travel packages for our clients and also hope to bring a group of medical Doctors to perform group surgeries here in Ghana as a private Medical tourism network. | [email protected] | +233202111437

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