TAL Aviation Group, Gideon Thaler, Gush Dan, Israel

TAL Aviation Group, Gideon Thaler, Gush Dan, Israel

[email protected] | www.talaviation.com | +972 3 795 2104

TAL Aviation was established in 1987 by aviation and travel industry veteran Gideon Thaler.

It is now one of the leading and most dynamic representation and airline GSA enterprises, globally. In addition to representing world-leading passenger airlines, TAL Aviation also operates and distributes other services such as:

Cargo Solutions for airlines, A-La-Carte services, Destination Marketing, Hotels, and more.

TAL Aviation has established unique distribution channels through travel agents, TMCs, wholesalers, tour operators, OTAs, and corporate accounts and works in harmonious cooperation with other carriers – including national airlines – in its respective markets.

Our partners benefit from a complete range of services catering to all of their business requirements and our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that our success is our partners’ success.

TAL Aviation is committed to providing its partners with a product and service that is consistently excellent, professional, innovative, and customer-driven in order to ensure their successful entry into and continued growth in global markets.

TAL Aviation is keen to join WTN to be part of this dynamic community and looks forward to meeting new clients through various leads.

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