Sector Five Hospitality & Leisure,  Jason T. Ayers, Tokyo, Japan

Sector Five Hospitality & Leisure, Jason T. Ayers, Tokyo, Japan

[email protected] | | +81-80-1220-7623

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I run an executive search and business development management consultancy in Tokyo called Sector Five Asia LLC (S5) which includes several divisions among them Sector Five Hospitality & Leisure and S5 Health & Wellness.

We’re a member of Global Executive Search Network (HQ- Milan)- the world’s largest network of independent retained Executive Search firms.

We are very active in the (booming) hospitality and tourism industry in Japan. We have a partnership with the Japan Integrated Resort Association and one of the largest and oldest inbound tour operators in Japan- with whom we have just launched a new luxury wellness and other specialty tourism businesses.

Additionally, we work closely with multiple companies including a B2B travel payments fintech potential unicorn, and a B2B blockchain business travel business in Singapore, among many other more famous names. I’d like to join WTN for networking and assisting other member firms and to assist localities and people around the world to benefit from tourism.

This includes SMEs, governments, and the tourism business in general.

Of equal if not greater importance, is providing career opportunities and assisting the travel and related industries to encourage young people, disabled people, and others to pursue a career in travel and tourism.

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