Patricia Charla, Newtown, CT, USA

Patricia Charla, Newtown, CT, USA

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Patricia Charla, an innovative entrepreneur, and dedicated sustainability advocate, is the Co-Founder of the Sustainable Travel & Tourism Network (STTN).

With over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, Patricia has been a pioneering figure in integrating sustainability into the sector.

Her desire to make a tangible difference led her to pursue a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business Travel from the prestigious Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

This certification equipped her with the essential knowledge and skills to address the expanding tourism industry’s environmental, economic, and social challenges. Patricia has held numerous leadership positions in various travel and tourism organizations throughout her career.

Her dedication to the industry has been evident in her tireless work to promote sustainable practices and minimize tourism’s environmental footprint. As a prominent figure in the industry, Patricia has received numerous accolades for her contributions.

She has been recognized with awards for her commitment to responsible tourism, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility.

In 2023, Patricia co-founded the Sustainable Travel & Tourism Network (STTN) to revolutionize the travel industry by promoting sustainable practices and fostering stakeholder collaboration. The STTN provides resources, tools, and networking opportunities for industry professionals committed to implementing eco-friendly and socially responsible procedures in their businesses.

Under her guidance, STTN is growing into a thriving community of professionals from various sectors dedicated to positively impacting the planet. Patricia’s LinkedIn profile showcases her extensive background and achievements in the sustainable travel and tourism sector.

On this platform, she actively engages with her network of professionals, sharing valuable insights, resources, and thought leadership to further the cause of sustainability in the industry. In her personal life, Patricia is an avid traveler who enjoys exploring the world’s most beautiful destinations while remaining mindful of her environmental impact.

She is a firm believer in supporting local communities and promoting cultural exchange through responsible tourism. As the Co-Founder of STTN, Patricia Charla continues to lead the charge for a more sustainable travel and tourism industry.

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