Press Conference 03 NOV 2022

This Press Conference in Bali will introduce the

  1. Bali Declaration by World Tourism Network
  2. World Tourism Network Global Networking Summit 2023

Thursday 03 November,

  • 15.00h Bali Singapore, China time
  • 14.00h Jakarta, Bangkok
  • 13.00h Bangladesh
  • 12.45 Nepal
  • 12.30h India
  • 11.00h UAE, Seychelles
  • 10.00h Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kenya
  • 09.00h Jordan, Israel, South Africa, Greece, Egypt
  • 08.00h Germany, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria
  • 07.00h UK, Portugal,
  • 04.00h Brazil
  • 03.00h EST (New York),
  • 02.00h CST, Jamaica
  • 01.00h MST
  • 00.00h PST
  • 21.00h-1 Hawaii- 1

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Ransford Tamakloe
10 months ago

We need peace in all aspects of human life and without it, there will be slow to development of economics activities and also drive the desire of tourists visiting those attractive destinations.
In this regard, we would like to create an awareness for all and sundry, to let peace prevail in order to increase attractions and boost tourists confidence in visiting those places. If there’s a consensus that need to be reached to achieve this aim, all parties involved must heed to that call and know that,they are contributing to the future of the countries concerned and a fairer world for all of us to feel safe as we visit those places.