The Ageless Traveler, Adriana Berg, Palm Springs, CA, USA

The Ageless Traveler, Adriana Berg, Palm Springs, CA, USA

The Ageless Traveler, IFA, NGOCOA-NY, GNEC | [email protected] | +12013036517

Adriane Berg is a proven expert in guiding the tourism and hospitality industry in understanding and attracting mature and boomer guests and travelers.

As the Founder of The Ageless Traveler, an Information Hub with podcasts, blogs, and consulting services, she brings a profound voice to travel-related aging issues.

With a bird’s eye view of international travel and local experiences, Adriane serves as the United Nations Representative for the International Federation on Ageing and the NGO Committee on Ageing. In this role, she advocates for human rights for older people worldwide, providing insider insights into the places that Ageless Travelers want to explore.

With a personal record of visiting 110 countries and counting, Adriane is not just a cheerleader for the mature traveler – she’s a living embodiment of it. Adriane is also the host of the award-winning podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging and a New York Times Age Boom journalist, She is a trusted source for ageless living and travel wellness.

Her expertise extends beyond storytelling, offering access to continuing contributions after retirement through The Ageless Ambassador Program for Voluntours.

Adriane believes traveling is a powerful way to infuse the world with energy, happiness, and hope. In return, we gain rich experiences that fuel our everlasting curiosity and keep us genuinely young. Join Adriane on a journey of ageless travel, where every adventure contributes to a life well-lived.

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