Wars, Tourism, what about Young People?

Wars, Tourism, what about Young People?

A message from Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary General, and a Muslim from Jordan), Prof. Geoffrey Lipman, former WTTC CEO, Assistance UNWTO Sec General, CEO SUN X Malta, from Belgium, Jewish), Juergen Steinmetz, publisher eTurboNews, Chairman World Tourism Network and a Christian.

As a New Year 2024 may be a reason for hope, we are, like so many, devastated by the horrific wars in Ukraine and Gaza. 

We do not suggest that we can rationalize or respond rationally to the horrors of innocent deaths. 

Nor can tourism provide solutions 

Rather we believe the past is prologue and that the only hope for positive directions will come from young people – as yet uncontaminated by past and present hatred.

We are calling on all our friends around the tourism world to reflect with us and offer support for our vision of young Palestinians and Israelis or young Ukrainians and Russians building a better future together for their children 

We hope that our many friends in Tourism will simply join us and share a thought for all the innocents.

If you feel this way please take a moment to like this message. Or better still add a comment.

Taleb, Geoffrey, Juergen

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