Prem Ale Magar, Himalayan Sanctuary Adventure, Kathmandu, Nepal

Prem Ale Magar, Himalayan Sanctuary Adventure, Kathmandu, Nepal

email : [email protected] PH: +9779843138264

As I found other company also listed this will help to promote our business in the future.
By Founder: Prem AleMagar

Why Travel with Us?

  • Himalayan Sanctuary Adventure offers well-designed trips, quality equipment, and a professional team.
  • We provide professional and friendly guides to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as we can
  • We are committed to protecting our work environment and acting as responsible tourism leaders.
  • We provide well-designed and flexible itineraries.
  • We consider safety first and take all the necessary precautions to assure you have the best and safest experience.
  • Our tours are all-inclusive and have no hidden local payments that blow your budget.
  • We are strongly concerned about the value of your money and what you get from us and are committed to excellent service.
  • We assure you your trip will run as smoothly as possible, and you will experience a memorable and enjoyable time with us.
  • We are dedicated to providing 24-hour service to the guests traveling with us.

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