Daniel Milks, My XO Adventuress, FL, USA

Daniel Milks, My XO Adventuress, FL, USA

My name is Daniel Milks and I’m the owner of myXOadventures.com, a Tour Operator in Sarasota Florida, USA. I’ve been in the travel business since 2011 and had the privilege of working in a number of positions at a former tour operator, the most recent being principle buyer.

I formed myXOadventures.com in the summer of 2018 “For The Love of Travel” which is our Motto to this day. We believe when the client, the vendors, and the company looks at an offering where everybody wins we have something to sell. Everyone that has a part to play in the experiences that we put out there to our guests must want to and enjoy being a part of it all. If not, we don’t offer it. I love what I do, the experiences I create, and the guests I serve.

I am already in a rebuild mode, not just for myself but for the larger community of vendors. I am working with smaller operators that have been overlooked in the bailout monies. I have been working with my local tourism board called “Visit Sarasota” which has a wonderful group of people, yet thus far lacks vision and assistance to the members that need help the most.

I don’t believe in marketing schemes that cost thousands of dollars that are being offered up right now as a solution to the problem. I believe, like always, that the tourism business is about relationships. I think the key is activating those connections collectively and banding together as a B2B group as well as connecting to potential clients when they are ready to travel over the internet.

We know where the top 5 locations are that visit each major city in Florida, why we aren’t already leveraging the power of the internet to speak to consumers in the area, highlighting businesses locally, and offering help to those consumers that have been our supporters for years is beyond me.

I have a tour van that I have stripped of the seats and will be heading to some of these destinations soon. I’ll be conducting interviews responsibly, at a social distance and with a mask to vendors and individuals. I want to help, and I don’t want to charge money for it as a solution. I will be traveling from Florida to the Carolinas, through the midwest, Southwest, Coast of California and up through Yellowstone and Glacier National Park before heading down through the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, and the Smoky Mountain National Park.

Once I arrive in my home state of Florida, I plan on driving the coast to do the same thing so when I return to my home I can begin to offer vacations first in Florida, then the USA, then Internationally as my surveys have indicated I should. There is more to my plan, but I’ll leave it here.

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