Christopher Nthiani, Travelshoppe, Nairobi, Kenya

Christopher Nthiani, Travelshoppe, Nairobi, Kenya

Immensely passionate of Tourism, the only career I have embraced in the last 36 years, my biggest profit has always been Client Satisfaction.

Having seen tourism evolute over three decades FROM USING telex communication to now real-time digital devices, animal “engineered” transport to now hot air balloons, hard-copy air tickets to now QR read environmental friendly paperless data – loudly tells us to expect more change the next 30 years!

As GM of a leading DMC now over 26 years since it serviced it’s 1st client, I am proud to represent a team of 30 of some of the most dedicated travel providers the nature & wildlife experience has.

As we undergo the current once in our lifetime shocker, it’s another chapter in our Tourism Book which will teach us how to deal with a the worst of the worst scenerio. From where I sit my role would happily share the Kenya approach to restarting the Travel Computer all over again.  |