Sarki Sherpa, Soul Himalaya Treks, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sarki Sherpa, Soul Himalaya Treks, Kathmandu, Nepal

Having worked in the trekking sector of Nepal for more than twenty years of my life I have gathered important experiences that allow me to serve the best interests of visitors. Growing in the mountains has made me experience the stunning beauty that this country has to offer and made me conscious of the enormous potential that Nepal has for becoming a top tourist destination. This true potential remains untapped and unknown to many. My job is to make this beauty accessible to all our visitors, in a comfortable and efficient way, free from any disturbances.

As the General Secretary of TAGN, I am willing to do whatever is necessary for the improvement of our tourism sector, for making our voices matter, and for helping people realize the true beauty that Nepal is.

Trekking guide training from Nepal Academy of tourism and hotel management (NATHM)
Climbing&mountaneering Training from mountain academy Nepal (MAN)
Wilderness first aid from SOLO
Advance first aid from Nepal disaster and emergency medicine center (NADEM ,KEEP)
Basic Mountain leaders Course,

I’m working as Mountain Leader in Nepal and I’m leading people from so many different family and country so I love to continue this moment again after over the COVID 19 we are in big Tourism crisis here all company and employees have no job and also not proper relief package for this employees so my goal is I want to rebuild this travel as the same moment in future. |