ENRICHMENT District Grace Exemplified Worldwide, Texas, USA

Blessings. I have long been an Associate, Admirer, and Respecter of Dr. Peter Tarlow and the many and wonderful works upon which he has engaged. Much like him, I have spent forty plus years working to make the World a better place to live. I have utilized my voice and talents via my Faith-based Firms to bring change to the lives of youth, young Adults, and, Seniors, alike – from Communities, to Law Enforcement, to the White House, and much more. Tourism is a universal language. Much akin to the age-old adage of “Owning a home is the American Dream”; the thought(s) of being able to fully immerse oneself in a far away place, surrounded by white beaches, plush green forests, sky-blue waters, etc., TOURISM is just that – and more!

by Dallas Lee

[email protected]

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