Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation: Anita Nana Okuribido, Lagos, Nigeria

Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation: Anita Nana Okuribido, Lagos, Nigeria

I am Anita Nana Okuribido, President Women In Renewable Energy, Association, and Founder/CEO, Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation (SSGF).

Our Vision is to:
•Accelerate the Decarbonization of the environment, create a green and better living for all people.
•Create Green Jobs and enhance the Global Green Economy
•Change the narrative of Tourism to become very significant in the value chain of the Global Green Economy as this will surely Alleviate Poverty.

Our mission is to:

Our objectives are:
•Empowerment, •Standardisation, •Certification,
•Green Job Creation,
•Development of Green Culinary/Cuisine,
•Development of Organic Beverages
•Development of Green Fashion and Accessories
•Development of Green Field Safaris,
•Development of Green Art, Music etc.

We would like to initiate
Global Green Tourism, focusing on Decarbonization of the Environment and Energy Efficiency, by using Renewable Energy Technology to Transform the Hospitality Value Chain while making people of the globe to eat Green and live Green in a Decarbonized Environment.

We are at the inception stage of conceptualization and actualization of our vision .

We are passionate about :
• Decarbonization of the environment and to make a green and better living for all people.
•Creation of Green Jobs.
•Acceleration of the Global Green Economy.
•Creation of a Change in the narrative of Tourism.
•Creation of a significant awareness in the value chain of the Global Green Economy

The top three goals we would like to achieve as an organization this year are:
•Establishment of a Global Green Tourism Village
•Promotion of Global Unity and Peace through: •Green Culinary,
•Organic Beverages, •Traditional Green Fashion, Music and Art.
•Mitigation of the Climate Change through Green Tourism Value Chain

We would like to address many issues such as the Policy Framework on Eco-Green Policy, Finance, Capacity Building programs etc. for this Visionary Green Business which also include :
•Perfecting the collaboration with International Investors/ stakeholders such as , UNWTO, She Trades , AU, EU, ECOWAS, Embassies, etc
•The stakeholders involvement and the modus oparandi of the transformation into GREEN TOURISM in Nigeria, Africa and the whole World.

The creation of the GLOBAL GREEN TOURISM VILLAGE is to enhance our Global/National Green Economy through increase in foreign exchange earning by harnessing the traditional and cultural values of 58 African Countries and 6 Continents of the World in one location/site, thus boosting Global Green Tourism and reducing the carbon emission in the Environment

It is encouraging to note that the She Trades Tourism Cluster Resource Person for Tourism during the Liverpool Conference, Mr Simon Green is very enthused about the project and foresees the transformations that will result from the project if vigorously pursued. He pitched this Green Tourism Visionary Project out of many presentations.

It is also worthy of note that the Ethiopian Delegates on Tourism have sent an email indicating their interest to partner with us on this nouvelle green tourism project.

I have joined WTN with the view to accomplish this nouvelle vision and request for assistance for collaboration, which will enable my NGO to align and keep abreast with the Vision of UNWTO on Tourism and the SDGs. We also wish to receive the Industry Information Packs from WTN

Indeed, Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability-focused on Women and Children initiatives in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole as the narratives are changing very fast.

Going Green is the Center of our Initiative
Climate Action and Mitigation is the Core of our Initiative
Sustainability is the climax of our Initiative

We need to express the importance of the Clean Energy Value Chain and the involvement of Green Stakeholders, to collaborate and partner with us so as take us to the very next level of Development. This change in the Green Narrative will allow us to meet the basic consumption needs on a sustainable basis for people who live in extreme poverty, lack both income and assets and typically suffer from interrelated, chronic deprivations, including hunger, malnutrition, poor health, limited education, marginalization and discrimination, or even exclusion.

Joining African Tourism Board Chapter

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