Micaela Giacobbe, Connections (Jacobs Media Group), London, UK

Micaela Giacobbe, Connections (Jacobs Media Group), London, UK

Hello everyone and what a privilege to be part of this group and thank you for inviting me.

For those of you who do not know me I am Micaela Giacobbe MD and founder of Connections Way the international private community for senior executives in high-end travel http://weareconnections.community

I created Connections to be more than just a place of meetings. Connections have become known and valued for its human approach to networking, becoming a versatile network that adapts to the lifestyle of our mobile decision-makers. Our delegates can discover new business opportunities and establish new partnerships with the right people, all around the world; there is no limit to where and how our leaders meet to conduct business.

I believe that now more than ever we as an industry must come together and help each other resurge and recover. We have created a series of virtual sessions in all sectors of the market to help professionals learn, plan, change, and adapt to this new world.

Between us all, there is such a wealth of knowledge, insight, and advice that can be shared to help guide us through these uncertain times, so let’s use each other for the good of our industry!

have created a community of senior professionals in the luxury travel industry over the last years and I am determined to help in the resurgence process.

I have recently launched an online community where I am running bespoke virtual events, get-togethers, personal introductions, benefits, and chats.

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