Old Town Trolley, Sean Wallace, Washington DC, USA

Old Town Trolley, Sean Wallace, Washington DC, USA

I work for Old Town Trolley Tours, with locations in 7 cities across the US. We specialize in providing visitors with the best hop-on/hop-off tour experience that they will get anywhere in the country. Our company is US owned and operated, for the last 40 years, and we believe that we can provide the international travel with an experience that is unique to the local area and something they can’t get with the larger international tour companies.

In the early 1970’s, three friends came together in Key West, Florida, united by their passion for history and their desire to preserve the historic look and feel of Old Town Key West. Chris Belland, Ed Swift, and Mo Mosher first worked together restoring the historic storefronts of Duval Street in the heart of Key West.

As visitors began to flock to Key West, there was an increased interest in the colorful history of the town. Recognizing this as an opportunity to tell Key West’s story, the three partners formed Old Town Trolley Tours®, a tour company that both informs and entertains its guests.

When Old Town Trolley Tours first started out, the company consisted of a converted bread truck with a homemade trailer. As the tours became more popular, the company was able buy a new fleet of trolleys, which was launched in 1980. Over the next year, more than 70,000 passengers toured Key West with Old Town Trolley.

As Chris, Ed, and Mo traveled the country, admiring the architecture and history of many of America’s great cities, they were inspired to expand their business. Starting with Boston and eventually adding St. Augustine, San Diego, Savannah, Nashville and Washington, DC, Old Town Trolley Tours® now boasts over 130 trolleys in 7 cities.

Though the company has grown, its mission to help visitors “See the Best First” has stayed the same. Along with a commitment to quality, Old Town Trolley combines history, fun facts, colorful anecdotes, and outstanding service to provide their guests with a memorable vacation experience.

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