Track of the Tiger T.R.D, Shane Beary, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Track of the Tiger T.R.D, Shane Beary, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Founder and CEO of Track of the Tiger T.R.D (Tourism Resources Development) Est. 1986 in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Owns and operates Resort/Experiential Education Centre properties for International School & University Groups, and Special Interest Travelers.

Senior Consultant to the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation – Active in providing CS, Service Learning, and CSR programs for the communities we work and, and supported by our client base.

Founder of the Responsible Travel Alliance. A social enterprise driving the equitable development of responsible tourism.

As a proponent of responsible tourism, I am convinced that the major hurdle to addressing the long-standing inequities in the tourism industry is the commission-based business model itself.

I argue that a non-commission based alternative is needed, not to replace it, but to run alongside it, ensuring the micro and small business operators – and their local visitor based economies – opportunity, a greater share of the rewards, and a say in the management of their destinations.

I believe that whilst the fallout from the Corivid19 problem exacerbates those problems to our peril, it also provides us with the opportunity for a much needed to restructure – one that will allow the industry a better, more risk-managed future.

I would be happy to share the detail of the RTA’s proposed model with any interested party.  |