Nydia Tapia Gonzales, Texas Birding, TX, USA

Nydia Tapia Gonzales, Texas Birding, TX, USA

With 29 years of experience working in destination marketing as a tour guide, tour company proprietor specializing in colonial Mexico destinations, CVB director in Harlingen, I currently serve as director of Texas Birding; a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to promoting the incredible birding and wildlife observation resources of Texas.

Texas Birding focuses its promotion efforts in the international market with emphasis in northern Europe. Every year, Texas welcomes birdwatchers from all over the world looking to spot hundreds of different bird and butterfly species.

Texas is a Major Birding Destination in the World at the top 20 to 30 birding areas on earth, according to three recently published books on the subject.

At 642 bird species, Texas offers the richest land or terrestrial birding in the  United States and Canada, because of its variety of habitats ( Texas has 12 regions with multiple habitats in each), and due to its geographic location on the continent.

Sustainable, manageable and respectful travel are at the core of the nature traveler experience. We strive in promoting green travel.

We believe that the current crisis will lead to changes in the way people travel and in the number of people traveling. As we see the impact this pandemic is having on our planet we believe people will grow more conscious of the environment and will be interested in protecting it.

Nature and wildlife observation are activities that are growing steadily and will soon be part of a travel experience everywhere in the way that culinary experiences are desired.

Texas Birding members, supporters and sponsors are a team of knowledgeable international travelers that are interested in helping to rebuild travel.

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